Check, Bet, Call, Fold, or Raise?

One of the most important decisions you make when playing Multiplayer Draw Poker at The Gold Casino is what to do when your turn comes around. Should you open? Or should you just check? If someone has already bet, should you call? Should you fold? Or should you raise?

If you are dealt no pair or a very small pair to begin with, of course you should check. There’s no sense opening on the hope that you’ll draw to three of a kind, especially since other players will be drawing for higher three of a kinds. If somebody opens in this situation, you should certainly fold. But if everybody checks, go ahead and draw for three of a kind. If you get it, you should certainly open. Chances are you’ve got a winner, and you’ll have a very good idea if your beat depending on if somebody raises and for how much.

Let’s say that you are dealt a pair of jacks or higher. In this case, you should go ahead and open for at least 30 or 40 grams. Why not 20 grams? Because everybody will call you, and one of the objectives of opening is to get some players to fold in order to eliminate some of the competition. Many players will call you no matter what they have in their hand, because they just want to play. But good players won’t call you unless they have at least a somewhat decent pair, a pair of nines or higher.

So now you’ve opened with 30 or 40 grams, and nobody has bet into you. Should you open again? I say “yes,” even if your hand hasn-t improved – that is, even if you didn’t get another jack or a second pair. The real decision comes if you get raised. If you do get raised, chances are you’re beat, so fold your hand when your turn comes around. But if you did get a second jack or another pair and got raised, then you need to take more facts into consideration. How many cards did the raiser discard? If two or three, the player might have had three of a kind to begin with, or might have made three of a kind or two pair. If the raise is not too big and you can afford it, go ahead and call; even if you lose, you’re keeping the other player honest, and gathering important information about how that player plays the game.

Here’s another scenario. Suppose that after the draw you’ve been dealt three of a kind, lets say three nines. If nobody before you has bet, of course you should open. Keep in mind here that you have a very strong hand, so you want to collect some gold for it. The amount you should open with depends on how much the players have been betting in the game. Have the players been opening after the draw for only 30-40 grams? Or have they been opening for 100-200 grams? As a rule of thumb, you want to follow suit. For if the players have been opening with only 30-40 grams and you open with 200 grams, they’re all going to fold and you’re not going to profit with your good hand. But if they’ve been opening with 100-200 grams, go ahead and do the same – since it will look like you’re doing nothing out of the ordinary, people will call and if you’ve got a winner you’re going to collect some gold. Now, chances are against another player beating your three nines, but you can’t let that deter you. Losing with good hands is just part of the game.

But what do you do if you get raised with your three nines? I can’t give you a black and white answer to this question: what you should do depends on how many cards the other player discarded (do you think he or she made a straight or a flush); how careful or reckless the other player has been playing; how much you can afford to lose; if the player has been constantly bluffing, etc. The only way to make these judgment calls is PRACTICE! Keep playing Multiplayer Draw Poker at The Gold Casino, and you’ll catch on in no time.